Your own health “Angel” by your side

Healthangels are patients or care-giving experts who have a special gift, compassion, and background within your area of need. They’re here for one reason: to help.

A Healthangel to guide you

Get the best, most useful answers to your questions

As the only health site that allows voting on posts and comments, you can quickly identify the most helpful answers to your questions. Ratings, member reputations, and Healthangel ‘halos’ help you understand what to read and who to trust.

Ratings and reputation:So you know what to read and who to trust

Create your own private room with a few supportive mentors

A private room enables you to save conversation and invite only the most special people to support and mentor you. You can even meet using video -- anonymously if you like -- in your private room.

A small, personalized support group can focus on you and your challenges

Your Privacy Matters

On Health Together, you’re joining thousands of people from other organizations across the country. If you want, you can choose an anonymous username. And Health Together NEVER tells your employer whether you participate or what you share in the community.

Trusted By Patients and Caregivers

More Serious

Cindy Tenner - Living with chronic health challenges

"I feel like there are plenty of other places for surface-level interaction. If I really want support and meaningful advice, I go to HealthTogether."

More Caring

Sheldon Snodgrass

"My wife and I would have been glad to find someone who had been through our situation to mentor us, and now I'm glad to provide that for others if they need it."

More Meaning

Tiffany Lyman - Healthangel on HealthTogether

"It's incredible to be asked to serve on a small team and help someone get through a health challenge I've experienced!"

More Opportunity

Mary Van Doorn

"It's amazing to watch my reputation rise as I share good content, and it just makes my day to see how my advice helps so many members."

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